Reclaiming and Restoring Africa (RRA) is meant to create interest that will influence, effect and encourage people to join the Reclaiming and Restoring Africa Project by collaborating in different initiatives aimed at helping them towards owning their local economies across the length and breath of the African Continent. ​Our Vision is that of self-sustaining individuals who will ensure that there are self-sustaining families leading to self-sustaining communities expanding into self-sustaining nations across self-sustaining motherland Africa and ultimately culminating into self-sustaining humanity across the world.



We are envisioning an Africa without poverty, an Africa without crime and an Africa with the best interest of Africans and all humanity at heart, the world over. We are building towards Africa in which Africans are will be producers, consumers and beneficiaries of our own labour and resources. ​We see Africa in which nothing bad or negative will be allowed to negatively or destructively affect Africans and humanity at large, regardless of their origin, colour, race, creed, tradition and or gender. We see and are working towards Africa that in premised from "Ubuntu".



We have recently acquired Setshaba Funeral Parlour in Itireleng, Lower Majeakgoro, Greater Taung. This brings much more needed services such as Financial Services and Tombstones closer to the people of Itireleng...

Our Heritage

Setshaba Funeral Parlour has been in this industry for almost two decades since 2000.​ Generations of our clientele base have and still continue to show loyalty thanks to our quality products and services over the years until today.

After being taken over and becoming part of the Reclaiming and Restoring Africa Project as a member of RRA Funeral Services, our clients are now guaranteed of respectful and dignified quality funeral products and service.

Our Staff

There are certain responsibilities that offers work (what one is born to do) and a job (what one is paid to do) opportunities. As much as our staff are all paid, it is extremely humbling to realize the fact that most if not all of our personnel do what they were born to do.

We pride ourselves with a strong personnel with a very strong generational mix, the young and old, the experienced and those with the expertise.​ The balance in our personnel is key to us delivering satisfying and quality products and services to our clientele base. We choose people with conviction...

Our Facilities

We pride ourselves with offering and rendering tailormade funeral insurance, products and services to the total satisfaction of all our clients, young, old and generationally. Our funeral parlour is best positioned and equipped to handle and deliver satisfying and dignified funeral services.​ 

We have a big selected range of the best coffins, caskets and tombstones of high quality workmanship at affordable prices to each and every one of our clients.

Our Community

The main reason for us to have entered the funeral business sector in the first place is because we realized the fact that the African Dignity was being seriously compromised to the detriment of the African People.​

No one knows and understands the African Culture and Traditions better than Africans Ourselves. Reclaiming and Restoring the African Dignity is therefore at the Core of RRA Funeral Services. As and when they use our services, Our Communities will experience Dignified and Affordable Funeral Products and Services...

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