This is a Platform Meant for You to Use to Create and Share Financial Wealth


Deposited Money

If you have paid premium money to us and you have not received any confirmation of cover, please contact us so that we may check if you have any policy with us or not, and rectify if needs be at all and possible...!

Policies that Lapsed

If you have a policy with us and at some point stopped paying your premiums and then started paying again without having made any arrangements with us, please contact us immediately for us to help you...!

Misled By Agents

If you have been misled by any sales agent or anyone claiming to be an agent of RRA Financial Services and you paid money into our account, please contact us immediately so that we may verify and correct if need be.  

We offer cash funeral policies to you, your family and your extended family. Our terms and conditions are designed to enable us to share financial wealth with our clients. We offer our clients products and services that no one has ever offered such as (1) Our policies do not lapse (2) We do not have age restrictions (3) Stop paying premiums and remain covered for life, etc.

We offer group scheme funeral insurance to funeral parlours, societies, stockvels, etc. If you are formal registered business, we help enhance your business; if you are not a registered business or you just started or you are starting up a new business, we help you formalise and get you to be compliant. It is our business to help make sure that your business becomes a success.

Africans are systematically forced to be all over the world for one reasons or the other. It is clear that at the heart of this, is the systematic socio economic hardships that are used to displace Africans as they are currently displaced in the Diaspora. We established this platform to assist Africans in the Diaspora to use resources to invest for their comfortable return back home.




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RRAFS Goes Global

RRAFS Cash Funeral Policies are Now Available Glabally

Our clients in South Africa have shown huge interest in our Cash Funeral Insurance Policies and are completely satisfied to the extend that they have been sharing the news with their loved ones working and living across the world.


RRA Financial Services Cash Funeral Insurance Policies are now available to South African in the Diaspora.

Be selfless and share the news with your family, friends and colleagues working and living anywhere in the World. All that they need to do is use our online application to buy their preferred policy to cover themselves and their loved ones.


In October of 2019, Reclaiming and Restoring Africa acquired 100% shareholding and ownership of a two decade old Setshaba Funeral Parlour. Within three months after this acquisition, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Reclaiming and Restoring Africa Group of Companies decided to implement his project masterplan of reclaiming and restoring the financial sector starting in South Africa and later spreading right across the African Continent. He started by establishing two separate entities with which he planned to create conducive legal platforms to be used to reclaim and restore the financial sector in South Africa. In this regard, he incorporated and established both RRA Financial Services (a licensed financial services provider) to offer and render financial services and RRA Funeral Services to offer and render funeral services. This all started in a small village called Itireleng located in the North West Province of South Africa, and a few months later, expanded across the Country. Currently the Reclaiming and Restoring Africa Project is expanding internationally, with the main objective of availing our products and services as offered and provided by our different entities with its first footprint out of South Africa, in Windhoek (Namibia) and Manchester (United Kingdom), deliberately established as condusive platforms meant to be used by Africans in South Africa and in the diaspora to Reclaim and Restore Africa. Plans are afoot to open offices in Scotland, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany and this will also be determined by the demand of our products and services in different countries across the world.


The Abuse Ends Here!


This is an official notification to all our customers. We have decided to cancel our Insurance Agreement with Old Mutual due to their deliberate non-payment of our claims. We therefore hereby advise our clients to ignore whatever communication they will receive from Old Mutual in this regard. Them using and abusing us (Black-Business) is over...!

Old Mutual has deliberately delayed a lot of our customers' claims and as such, we in turn stopped paying their premiums. The likes of Old Mutual do this deliberately thereby influencing our customers to leave us and move to them despite their reputation of either delaying or avoiding or not paying benefits to deserving clients.

We call upon our clients from across the Country not to fall for this manipulation by Old Mutual. Conglomerates like Old Mutual do not want to see young and upcoming Black businesses succeed, especially when they realise the fact that, the success of such Black business threats to end the many years of abuse of our people by these very multinationals. We say this openly challenging Old Mutual to take us to task if they believe that we are in the wrong or if they believe that we are not telling the truth about their unjust actions our business (Black business).

The time has arrived for us to stop the abuse of our businesses by these conglomerates and the only best way we can achieve this, is by stopping to do business with them, period. Old Mutual lied to us by making us believe that they had our best interest at heart and that they wanted to help us grow. They use such lies to mislead and destroy Black-African Businesses and we have this on record...!!!